Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Update: I'm still here, and I have not abandoned this blog

I really need to get back to working on this blog.  A lot has happened since my last entry.

One of the things that has happened was that I have had to change jobs, and as a result I have a lot less free time to spend on the internet.

I actually have composed the body of a post on this years very significant occurrences in Utah politics.  My tune has changed significantly since that last piece on Votaw vs. Ridgway.  The content needs some polishing, and I am not pleased with the tone.

I have been pondering for quite a while a way to broach the subject of effectively versus ineffectively expressing yourself.  I find a rich source of material in a certain youtube clip, where the leader of a small, controversial sect provides a defense that should effectively refute the accusations of his detractors, however the manner in which he provides it only serves to worsen the audiences perception of him and his group.  (Hint: David McKay and the "Jesus Christians").

It has always been my intention to keep this blog low volume.  An outstanding post written a few years ago is effectively buried and forgotten when a blogger is always posting new material.  Keeping this down to between three and six posts per year, only dealing with subjects I consider of the highest importance, is the way I feel I can make the best use of the medium of blogging.  Unfortunately, search engines and other means to connect interested parties to blogs that suit their interests favor blogs with constant activity.

I've fallen short of even that modest goal.  If this entry serves no other purpose, not benefiting anyone other then myself, by breaking my writers cramp and getting get me back into the habit of working on it, then that's at least some good it's doing.

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